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RIGEL Expedition

Find Your Place at University Park

You’re transferring to University Park, but you’ve already been to college. What do you need an orientation program for? You should know that RIGEL — our expedition just for transfer and transition students — is of special interest to Jen, AURORA’s director. She transferred universities as an undergrad and noticed a lack of opportunity for students like her (and you!). To prevent others from feeling like her, and to help get them settled at their new campus, she started RIGEL in 2015. Based off our award-winning ORION program, you’ll earn three credits on a five-day backpacking adventure as you explore central Pennsylvania.

During RIGEL, You’ll…

  • Engage in fun, challenging outdoor experiences
  • Meet other transfer students and explore together
  • Foster your personal wellness; bolster your self-esteem
  • Learn for life the skills of backpacking and camping
  • Discover a stronger appreciation of the natural world
  • Gain insight into life at Penn State and how to succeed

Wanna Know More?

All of our expeditions are unique in their own way. Take a look at RIGEL’s frequently asked questions to learn more about our expedition just for students transferring to University Park.

Registration Information

RIGEL Fall Week:
August 15–19, 2022

$225 class fee


Registration opens in February, 2022.

Essential Information Packet

Download and print the Essential information Packet to prepare for your adventure.

Download the RIGEL PDF