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Yeah, we’re from Pennsylvania, but we once heard a rumor that the West Coast is the best coast so we decided to find out. And you’re invited to come along! VEGA sends you backpacking through the incredible Olympic National Park in Washington State, where you’ll experience the unique ecology of the Olympic Peninsula. Explore the beautiful coast or ascend the lofty mountains! VEGA also offers you the opportunity to go kayaking, on top of earning three credits and easing your transition into Penn State. Offered only to students enrolling at University Park who are eighteen or older at the time of the trip.

During VEGA, You’ll…

  • Engage in fun, challenging outdoor experiences
  • Meet other incoming students and explore together
  • Foster your personal wellness; bolster your self-esteem
  • Learn for life the skills of backpacking and camping and kayaking
  • Discover a stronger appreciation of the natural world
  • Gain insight into life at Penn State and how to succeed

Wanna Know More?

All of our expeditions are unique in their own way. Take a look at VEGA’s frequently asked questions to learn more about our program on the West Coast.  

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$595 class fee