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Outdoor School Counselor Evaluation

The counselor evaluation is a tool we use when determining the student’s participation grade for ODS. It is also a document I reference when people ask me to write recommendation letters. The more specific you can be with information and examples, the better. Thanks!

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Participation Observations

The focal point of Outdoor School is the C.A.M.P.E.R. Indicate whether or not the counselor fulfilled the objectives of each core value by checking Agree or Disagree. Please provide supporting comments, especially if you check Disagree. Be as specific as possible.
This counselor contributed to the well-being of the ODS community. (Good role model, attentive to students’ needs, communicated well)
This counselor led activities and created an atmosphere conducive to learning. (Directions were clear, made learning fun, related activities to lesson themes, took advantage of teachable moments, re-enforced concepts outside lesson)
Positive Outdoor Experience*
This counselor demonstrated an attitude about the natural world and being outside that was consistent with the goals of ODS. (Appropriate enthusiasm, positive attitude towards being at ODS, having fun themselves)
This counselor was fully engaged in Outdoor School. (Group management, participated in everything, interacted appropriately with students, showed initiative to act)
This counselor demonstrated respect for the Outdoor School community. (Appropriate language and behavior, treated students fairly, positive environmental ethic)
This counselor demonstrated awareness of the safety of both individual campers as well as the Outdoor School community. (Paid attention during lessons, stopped unsafe activities, monitored emotional safety of campers)

Counselor-led Activity Observations

Activites Led
Select the activities that this counselor led.

Counselor Ratings

Please rate your counselor below on a scale of 1 to 5.

Explanation of values:
5= Counselor did more than expected. It was great!
4= Counselor did exactly what we trained them to do. It was good.
3= Counselor did okay, could have been better if they prepared more.
2= Counselor did okay, but I had to step in and move things along.
1= Counselor totally left this out.

Please write something about the activity the counselor taught in your Learning Group. Be specific, especially if you rated any item above with a 1 or 2.

Overall Performance

Please be specific - these comments help us determine the counselor's participation grade as well as provide information for future reference letters.
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